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Game Demo

Click on a tile to flip it over!

Play Monkey Match to unlock potential bonuses.
Earn those bonuses through contributions!

Unlockable Bonus
2 Pairs
Additional 50k VET Allowed Allocation
60,000 VET
2x 3-of-a-Kind
Bonus 50,000 EHrTs For FREE
5 Pairs
Additional 200k VET Allowed Allocation
3 Pairs
Additional 100k VET Allowed Allocation
200,000 VET
4 Pairs
Additional 250k VET Allowed Allocation
3x 3-of-a-Kind
Bonus 1,000,000 EHrTS For FREE
Bonus 100,000 EHrTs For FREE
600,000 VET
$100 Off PlayTable + FREE Shipping
2x 4-of-a-Kind
FREE PlayTable + FREE Shipping
$200 Off PlayTable + FREE Shipping
1,000,000 VET
2x 5-of-a-Kind
Bonus 3,000,000 EHrTs For FREE
You have two sets of Quints!
You have Quints!
You have two sets of Quads!
You have Quads!
You have three sets of Trips!
You have two sets of Trips!
You have Trips!
You have Four Pair!
You have Three Pair!
You have Two Pair!
You have a Pair!